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Artificially More Natural

PrimeTime Turf combines two premier fibers in the industry to create one-of-a-kind natural grass performance.

Through its strategic partnership with ACT Global Sports, ProGrass encourages the FIFA Quality Concept as FIFA’s standards were based upon top natural grass professional stadium benchmarks. These benchmarks go far beyond high impact (GMAX) shock absorption to include torture testing, climatic resistance, player-to-surface interaction and ball-to-surface interaction standards. These important factors are incorporated in the ProGrass product development, quality standards and sport performance test methods. As a result, we are pleased to offer a solution that can meet the stringent criteria of FIFA one-star and two-star methods. Once Chance, One Time... PrimeTime Turf!

Has your synthetic turf been tested like this?

 •  Simulated Wear and Abrasion Resistance

 •  Joint Strength

 •  Climatic Resistance

 •  Shock Absorption and Vertical Deformation

 •  Rotational Resistance

 •  Slip Resistance Scale and Deceleration

 •  Skin Abrasion / Skin Friction

 •  Vertical Ball Rebound

 •  Angled Ball Behavior


Product Specifications

These are typical specifications, subject to standard manufacturing tolerances and customer options v 2.12

PrimeTime Turf exclusively offered by ProGrass and manufactured by ACT Global Sports is the only “BLENDED” fiber system that has been designed for intense durability and professional stadium use.

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